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iOS 7 UK Release Date – September 18th 2013


The time has come to get excited about Apple’s new, improved mobile operating system. Touted as the next best thing since sliced bread, iOS 7 is modern, functional and looks set to be the must-have purchase of 2014. iPhone and iPad sales look set to remain high, with the new iOS coming as standard from Fall 2013.

I want it now! When will iOS 7 be officially released?

The official word from Apple is Fall 2013. We think that the iOS 7 release date will most likely be in September or October 2013, given that iOS 6 and 5 were released in those months. UPDATE: We were right! iOS 7 is coming to the UK on 18th September 2013; that’s a Wednesday folks, so get ready to spend your work day sneaking a peak at your phone!

If you can’t wait, the iOS 7 Beta Download is already available. Technically knowledgeable users can take the new system for a spin, critique and criticise to their heart’s content and provide that all-important feedback to help future versions become more stable and user-friendly.

ioS 7 revealed

ioS 7 revealed

What is all the fuss about?

With the dominance of Apple in the mobile market, it’s no surprise that their new OS is creating such a buzz. The latest iOS 7 continues the innovation of mobile technology, allowing users to do more on the go. It’s more than fancy graphics and cheap gimmicks; iOS 7 provides more mobile functionality than ever before, bringing new possibilities to life on the move.

Also, it looks damn nice!

Tell me 3 reasons why iOS 7 is awesome.

AirDrop – Swap files over WiFi or Bluetooth with other iOS users without any setup. You can share several items to as many people as you like in just one go.

Control Center – no longer do we have to wade through the Settings app to perform simple functions; a quick up-swipe of the home screen will bring up the Control Center interface, for quick and easy navigation of common settings.

Full Multi-tasking capabilities – run as many apps as you want in the background and switch between them almost instantly. Improved battery management also makes sure this function won’t drain resources.

Can I use the OS with my iPhone 3GS?

Apple have ruled that iPhone 3 and earlier users will not be able to get their hands on iOS 7. You will need to upgrade to at least an iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad mini or 5th generation iPod touch. iOS 7 will ship as standard on all new iDevice purchases.

Some of the new features will only work with the iPhone 5 (live camera filters and AirDrop)

How do I get iOS 7 on my iPhone / iPad?

If you’ve already got an iDevice that’s compatible with the new operating system, you can upgrade from iOS 6 by connecting to iTunes and downloading. iOS 7 also supports remote updates, directly to the device, so connect to a WiFi source or make sure your data plan covers you for high volumes and update from anywhere.

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